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Ludlow started off as a solution to our own problem. In 2016 we, over at SWARM, started sending out weekly newsletters that covered a series of topics relevant to our audience, they were artificial intelligence, machine learning, UX design trends, and other generally cool technology news.

The problem however, was that even while using sources like the /r/tech subreddit, and curating articles we’d share internally in Slack, it took our associates anywhere from a day to two to find content and write it.

That’s a lot of time.

So we started looking for alternatives, fundamentally for ways to hedge the amount of time that our team was spending on newsletters. Sadly similar products on the market just fell short of what we wanted to accomplish so we decided to build our own.

So later that year published pushed a proof of concept to see if people were willing to use something that would help them put together newsletters quickly, but most importantly if they were willing to pay for it. With a small control group, we discovered they were, both willing to use it, and pay for it.

Awesome, we have a product. At this point we decided to rehash the product and build it for scale while focusing on minimizing the amount of time needed to get a newsletter out, and latest tests show Will, our associate generating content for it in 5–10 minutes, spending another 30 writing something unique for it and say another 10–20 testing, validation and shipping it off. In all, less than an hr to do something that took 6–10 hours to accomplish before Ludlow.

And thats where we are today. Ludlow has launched.

It’s still very early still in its product cycle, but we’re approaching it with a community development outlook in mind. Building for you, what you want, and looking to help you save time, while generating engaging newsletters for your readers that serve you and meet your goals.

This is also why we’re sharing our product roadmap with you, have a look, and let us know what features you’d like to see in Ludlow.

Lastly, the team behind Ludlow is SWARM, and we’re a product consulting studio and venture lab, our other product is called Varick, and it helps developers and content managers by creating easy to use dashboards, check it out.

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