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Since first releasing Ludlow publicly back in mid-late May of 2017 our users have aggregated a staggering 70,000 pieces of content. The average user loads up 15 articles per newsletter until they’re satisfied and sends an average of 1 newsletter a week.

Ludlow users are also geographically diverse, with customers in the US, UK, Poland, India, Spain, France, Italy, Australia and one super user down in South Africa. If you’re reading this, Howzit bru?

Awesomely, people are sending newsletters about a ton of subjects as well. The top 5 categories so far are:

  1. Fitness 💪
  2. Continuing Education
  3. Insurance
  4. Wellness
  5. Public Relations

Honestly, this is all pretty great considering the relatively short time Ludlow’s been on the market (3 months), and we’re absolutely stoked to see what developments happen in the coming three months.

To end this update, we wanted to share some feedback we got from Nate Cooper, founder over at Reboot.

“I sent out a newsletter generated from Ludlow on yesterday. — No joke — it was a total afterthought. I try to get our newsletters together on Friday and send them out Monday. I totally blanked last week and was considering looking it over but figured it couldn’t hurt considering we are starting our Summer session tonight. So I put together a newsletter in 5 minutes, imported it to mailchimp and sent it out. That same day a woman replies to the email and we set up a phone call. She gave her deposit this morning. When we spoke on the phone she told me “Your emails really work. I’ve been getting them and reading them and I just thought to myself, ‘why not sign up?’”

Thought you might want to hear the good news. If I didn’t have Ludlow I literally wouldn’t have made that sale. It sounds nuts but I’m very grateful to have signed up for your service and look forward to continuing as your product progresses.”

Pretty awesome stuff!