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User feedback is the foundation of modern digital product design, and we’ve been listening to our users. From integrating Mailchimp next, where you can send emails seamlessly to your Mailchimp lists, to editing your newsletters. Our focus in on user first. Always.

So when we spoke with a number of you about the hindrances and challenges you’re having, we discovered a few interesting things.

. You love how easy it is to use Ludlow.

Awesome, this is what we’re working towards, the simplest, quickest, easiest way to send out super engaging roll ups.

2. Some of you still dont have time to write them.

You get it, newsletters are great, but you’re still finding it hard to get your newsletters out. Based on this feedback we’ve decided to launch

Ludlow’s Bespoke AI Driven Newsletter Writing Service.

What is it? For a monthly fee, we’ll use Ludlow, some light AI, and artificial, artificial intelligence, to put together weekly newsletters for you. The service is $299/mo for two hand crafted AI inspired newsletters, or $499/mo for on going weekly mailings going out up to 4 cohorts in your email list.

You can SIGN UP FOR EARLY ACCESS here. And you’ll be able to review everything before we hit the send button. You will require a mailchimp account.

Just fill out the form, and if you’re selected we’ll reach out to you directly to set up the service.

Any questions? As always write to hello @, or tweet at us @ludlow_io and and we’ll get back to you.