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The thing about link in emails is… they’re just links. 

Should I send links with information about my company on the first touch of my cold email campaigns?

Yes! If someone is interested in your product or service right away, why make them wait until your follow up email?

Though, that shouldn’t mean dropping links galore. Having 2 or more links in your email body will certainly raise a red flag and come across as you selling too strong.

So, if you are including your one link in the email body here are some quick and easy best practices.

Don’t worry about placement, just keep in natural

There are many different strategies when it comes to placing your call-to-action (CTA) link.

Some believe it should be near the end. Their thinking goes, earn your readers trust and give them reason to click the link before the ‘big ask’. That certainly works and is a common strategy.

Though others have entirely successful email marketing campaigns starting right off the bat with, ‘Hi X, This is Dan at Company.’

The truth is, if the way your email is worded is too unnatural and obviously ‘salesly’ than it doesn’t matter where you place your link. As long as you avoid phrases such as ‘Click here to know more’, or overly promotional text, than your link will be more of a curiosity than a nuisance.

If you’re still thinking a link in the email body is still too promotional, no problem. It’s perfectly valid to have your first email to be regular text. Though, it would be wise to at least include a link in your signature. Finally, always test your links before you click ‘send’!

That said, you should always follow the three golden rules of email marketing. They are:

  1. Is this interesting to my audience?
  2. Do I present a clear value proposition?
  3. Will my reader want to tell someone about this?

If you hit those three you should be “golden”. I would also argue that curating content, or sending something that’s been specifically picked for your audience can pique their interest more than something generic, but more on 1:1 customization later.