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If you’re looking to develop a relationship with current or prospective customers a good place to start is a weekly or bi-weekly email. The regular communication is a perfect reminder of your product or services. But as mentioned elsewhere on the blog, it is key to offer value to your readership if you expect them to stay subscribed. One way, it is to offer curated content that they will be interesting them. Today’s blog post addresses taking the curated content newsletter one step further – by adding your thoughts to it.

Why you? Thought leadership and interesting commentary is a great way of building trust with your email readership, and can help you and your company stand out from the competition. People like to buy products and services both from people they know, and people in the know.

For example, sending a newsletter weekly about technology trends if your company makes websites will let people know you’re knowledgeable in your industry, or if you’re a real estate agent, sending a bi-weekly newsletter on the hottest real estate trends in your city will help people remember you when they need to sell their house, or recommend you to a friend.

So, should you just write about anything that comes to mind?

Where do you begin? Here’s where curated content comes in handy.

Curated content is a natural touchpoint for providing insightful thoughts and commentary. It typically includes news that is both recent and relevant to your readership, and simply serving as a curator can be valuable. Adding additional quality commentary takes this to a new level, and the news is a natural place to start.

In the startup and technology sphere, several email newsletters have sprouted up with devoted followings, such as: the Hustle, Stratechery, the Skimm, and CB Insights newsletter. While they all cover the latest news happening at startups and larger technology companies, they each have their own tone and approach to covering the latest news. The commentary ranges from in-depth analysis (as in the case of Stratechery), to pun-based, humorous summaries (as in the case of the Hustle).

Successful email newsletter commentary and thought leadership provides value beyond keeping your readership engaged. It can help attract new business partnerships, better position your organization to hire high quality employees, and even guide your company’s culture. Regardless of metrics, how many customers you convert, or web traffic your newsletters bring, adding a human, opinionated touch can go a long way towards making your company just a bit more relatable and human.

The problem with curated content though is it takes time to get everything together, so if you’re interested in learning how to better curate content we’ve written that up as well.