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Tips for Content Curation that Wins Readers

We live in a world of information overload. The Washington Post publishes 1,200 articles a day. Google has already indexed over 30 trillion articles. With so much content out there, content curation is key. Having access to the best quality content, whether it’s a...
To link or not to link? First email best practices.

To link or not to link? First email best practices.

The thing about link in emails is… they’re just links.  Should I send links with information about my company on the first touch of my cold email campaigns? Yes! If someone is interested in your product or service right away, why make them wait until your...
How to increase your email open rate

How to increase your email open rate

The open-rate is a well-known email marketing metric because it is arguably the most important metric. The open-rate is the percentage of people that opened your email. What’s the point of going through the effort of building an email list, creating a beautiful HTML...

Is email marketing effective for me?

We often hear the question, ‘is email marketing effective for my products?’. The short answer is a resounding, bolded, caps-locked YES. Email marketing is direct, cheap, personal and measurable. The more interesting answer is ‘Yes, but only if you are smart about it.’...

Good email marketing can be done in minutes, not hours.

People spend very little time reading their emails. So what’s the key to drafting quick email campaigns? Short emails, with short sentences, written naturally. And if you’re sending a newsletter, we have a tool that will make sending newsletters super easy-